LG has this week revealed that they will be bringing what they call “Super UHD” 4K Ultra HD TVs to CES 2016 this week, featuring a line-up that are said to be LG’s most advanced LCD/LED screens in terms of picture quality to date, all with HDR compatibility.

The line-up ranges from 49 to 86 inches in size, and includes the UH9500, UH8500 and the UH700.

All of the IPS displays have been infused with tech to minimize reflections, enhance the contrast ratio and provide more depth and contrast within the picture. They are also compatible with HDR Plus, meaning that can show 4K HDR content more realistically than a standard HDR screen.

They also have an SDR-HDR conversion engine, which allows standard content to viewed in near HDR quality.

In particular, the UH9500 and UH8500 feature Color Prime Plus, with Billion Rich Colors, which both allow for a more expanded palette of colors that the screen can provide, with the ability to render over a billion color variations according to LG.

LG’s Super UHD TVs are designated HDR Plus, meaning they can show 4K HDR content in a more realistic manner than a standard HDR screen. The TVs also have an SDR-to-HDR conversion engine, so content coming from a standard source can be viewed in near-HDR quality.

The UH9500 is the top of the line model, only 6.6mm thin, it has the best tech out the lot, with a harman/kardon speaker system, and support for LG’s Magic Sound Tuning function.

LG have also said that they will unwrap their first production ready 98-inch Super UHD TV during the show. All of the four we previously mentioned will ship to the US in spring, all including webOS 3.0 pre-installed.

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