LG have today confirmed the release of their latest flagship device, the Optimus G2 which was originally teased during their MWC press event

G’s Head of Mobile Communication for Europe, Won Kim revealed to Trusted Reviews, “The LG Optimus G2 is coming in Q3.” Continuing to say, “we don’t want to hide everything but similarly we don’t want to promote everything about the G2 in advance.”

“To some extent we have to tease the features and specifications through channels, it is somewhat premature for me to talk about the G2 in terms of specifications.”

“[The] G2 is going to be something different, something unique and we have needed to be very creative.”

So basically we have a load of marketing babble, an image of the phone, a confirmation but no specs or actual details, but Kim did confirm that the LG Optimus G2 will launch in the UK and other markets globally.

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