A senior executive at LG Electronics has this week been accused of vandalising Samsung’s washing machines at a retail store in Germany.

According to the accusation the sabotages where dealt by LG’s president of the home appliance division, Jo Seong-Jin and two other employees, all of whom have been charged with vandalism of the washing machines, with an impending court case to take place between the two South Korean companies.

Samsung is backing this up with a surveillance video, which they say shows several men (supposedly the LG executives) destroying the door hinges on the companies washing machines.

Jo Seong-Jin has since claimed that he was simply testing the machines and tat there was a range of Samsung executives around the scene who would not have allowed him to damage the washing machines, and as such he did not damage the machines.

Here’s his statement:

“There were many people around besides those I was on this business trip with, and Samsung workers were looking on right next to us. They would not have stood by had I deliberately damaged a washing machine.”

Ham Yoon-keun, a lawyer who will be defending Jo in court, then added the following:

“It is questionable whether there is sufficient evidence to prove that the president of a global company deliberately destroyed the machines where employees of the competing company were present.”

Despite the claims of innocence, LG did agree to pay for what it claimed to be accidental damage to a total of four machines which took place back in September.

As of yet it’s unclear with company is stating the truth and which company is telling porkies, however we should find out more about the strange incident soon.

Via: The Telegraph

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