There’s one accessory for the LG G3 called the QuickCircle case, allowing users to quickly view notifications and answer calls and messages without having to open the case at all, all of which is shown through a portion of the display on the LG G3 that will show through the case’s screen.

To top it all off, LG has today launched a dedicated game that has been designed to be played via the case.

Called Puppy Pop, it is a match-three puzzle game where the player must accumulate points by drawing lines through three or more identical puppies, with the aim of removing as many puppies from the board before the time runs out.

The players score can then be shared on the player’s chosen social networking site.

With the release of Puppy Love, LG are also showing off the capabilities of the LG QCircle Software Development Kit, where developers can create new applications and functions to be used with the QuickCircle Case.

Source: LG

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