Today LG released a video on their YouTube channel titled “Wish list for the ideal smartphone”, which ended with the tagline “Imagine how your wishes will all come true” and then February 2017, hinting at the release of LG’s next flagship device during MWC 2017.

The smartphone is rumoured to be called the LG G6 and will reportedly include all of the features that people asked for in the video such as having a big screen, but not being a big phone. The respondents in the video also wanted to be able to use it one hand.

The video noted that the perfect phone would have a waterproof design, which would be the first time such a body has been included in an LG phone.

To top that off, the video shows a focus on the camera of a smartphone, with a respondent stating that they want to “capture it all at once”

Interestingly, the phone won’t be following up from last year’s modular design, as was reported by LG’s Chief Technologist Skott Ahn to the Wall Street Journal, where he said that the LG G6 probably wouldn’t have this design due to slow sales of the G6.

Of course, this is just a video and we may be looking too much into it, but it is quite possible that all of these features will end up the in the G7, which we expect to see at this year’s MWC.

In the meantime, check out that video below.

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