LG have unveiled their newest UltraWide monitor which packs a 29 inch display with a 2560 x 1080 resolution and a 21:9.

The EA93 UltraWide Monitor can also display up to four different screens with the included split screen feature, or if you prefer you can also fit your entire Windows 8 Live Tile arrangement on the screen.

The new monitor can also be connected to two separate devices via a Dual Line-up, with a 100% sRGB colour space filled, and is hardware color-calibration ready.

With a ton of inputs including a a DVI-D Dual x1, two HMDI ports(MHL x1), USB 3.0 (1 up, 3 down),Display Port x1, PC Audio In, and Headphone Out.

LG’s UltraWide Monitor will be introduced in Korea this month and rolled out globally in the weeks following.

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