LG’s subdivision, Innotek announced that it has developed a new wireless charging pad for smartphones today, allowing user’s to charge their smartphone wirelessly, as fast as they could do with a cable.

LG Innotek expect the wireless charging pad to be built into cars and furniture.

It will be launched in the US, Europe, and in Australia later this month. But before they send it out, they explained more about it with the following:

LG Innotek announced the commercialization of a 15 W (Watt) wireless charging pad for the first time in the world. This product allows you to charge your smartphone as fast as when using a wired charging module.

The wireless charging pad is device supplies electric power to smartphone in a slim pad form. If you put the smartphone on the pad, make sure that your phone supports wireless charging; the pad starts to charge battery.

The 15 W wireless charging pad’s charging speed is three times faster than an existing 5 W wireless charging module. It can charge a completely depleted battery to the level of 50% within 30 minutes because it supplies 15W power to smartphone battery equal to wired quick charger.

Also, this product boasts high compatibility and can be used with most of the wireless charging smartphones currently available in the market. It meets the standards of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), an international standardization organization for wireless charging.

We don’t know pricing details for the charging pad, however you can find out more about it at the source link below.

Source LG Innotek

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