Over the last week or so LG has been teasing details about their next smartphone, the LG V20.

Previously we have heard that the device would feature a Quad DAC, which is pretty impressive for the audiophiles out there, but that’s not all to get excited about.

That’s because LG updated that news today, revealing that the device will also feature audio from Bang & Olufsen, with a set of B&O Play headphones included with the smartphone at launch.

LG explained more with the following:

LG and B&O PLAY worked closely together to bring the best sound to users by optimizing the audio capabilities of the V20 smartphone. Acoustic engineers collaborated to achieve B&O PLAY’s philosophy of delivering a natural and balanced sound in a portable package. To enhance the total experience, the V20 set will include a special pair of B&O PLAY earphones and a set of wallpapers designed for V20 which includes the official logo of B&O PLAY, as a certification of B&O PLAY premium audio.

“The collaboration with LG provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase B&O PLAY’s expertise in terms of audio technology, design excellence and user-centered philosophy,” said Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, president of B&O PLAY. “With the new LG V series smartphone, users will experience a new premium sound experience that they have never heard before.”

We don’t yet know more than that, however, LG is hosting an event on September 6th, so we should have more for you then..

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