At CES 2017 yesterday LG unveiled a new laptop called the Gram 14 which they claimed to be capable of providing 21 hours of battery life, despite being extremely slim.

It weighs just 2.16 pounds and features a full metal body build that has been built with nano carbon magnesium alloy.

It also features a new display resolution that LG claims will allow the laptop’s IPS panel to reach resolution and brightness benchmarks while being more efficient than a standard display.

That display is also 14-inches in size.

To top that off, the notebook features an Intel Core i5 5200 processor with 8GB of DDR3L 1,600MHz RAM, and 128 GB of SSD storage.

With all that, we would be surprised if the laptop will actually last 21 hours, we would expect something closer to 15 hours.

LG hasn’t revealed availability for the laptop just yet, however, they did reveal that the laptop will be priced at $850.

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