I know we are a little late to review the Lifeproof iPhone case, as it was released earlier last year but to be honest we were a little late setting up this site.

The case itself comes in two sealable parts which link up to form the lifeproof protection, which will protect your phone from water, dirt, dust, accidental drops and even snow.

When first fitting the case you will notice that everything on your phone is literally sealed up from the outside world, with removable covers on the headphone and dock connector ports allowing you to use your phone normally whilst the case is on.

Apart from its waterproof membrane, shock and impact protection on this case is probably one of the biggest features as it has been designed with military grade specifications and can take a fall from 2 metres above the ground.

By lifeproof, they don’t mean everything this case will not allow you to run over your iPhone or throw it in the sea, it will however provide some pretty good day-to-dy protection, the great thing is that this protection didn’t add too much fat to your iPhone, I actually found the case to be really lightweight an easy to hold when coupled with the iPhone.

I did conduct a couple of drop tests, in all of them I found the case worked really well, the case did unseal itself a couple of times but I didn’t find an actual damage to the phone itself.

I also dropped the phone into water to test how “waterproof” the case actually is, and I found this to work just as well as the drop tests with no leakage into the case at all.

I did find a couple of problems with the case that did become a bit tiresome, the first is the front screen protector built into the case, which I found to make general touch screen tasks a lot harder to do and found myself having to press a lot harder for the phone to register input, almost like one of those old Samsung Tacco’s ,( if you have owned one you’ll know what I mean)

My second issue is with the dock connector cover, which makes it tricky to fit your cable in the port, alongside which a lot of third-party cables will not work with this case.

But you do have to take into account that this case has not been made to use on a daily basis and is only there to protect you when going on an adventure of some sorts, ranging from a swim in the pool all the way to a skiing trip in the Alps.

This case is perfect for all of those occasions where you wished you had a little more protection on your phone, something to keep your phone safe from all those day to safe from all those daily hassles.

You can pick up the case from MMD Distribution£69, where it is available in pink, black, white and purple, you can also pick up the accessories that work with the case including, the arm band, belt clip and bike mount.

For more information you can also head over to Lifeproofs site here.

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