Frima Studio has today announced their new game, Lights, Camera, Party! which available from today on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation Move and is powered by the Unreal Engine. the game is designed to get the family and friends out of their seats and playing an array of mini-games.

Within the game there is a full story mode for 2-4 players that will take you and your partner through various challenges that you must complete, alongside it there’s also a challenge mode and 3 crazy party modes, which include survival, Hot Alien Egg and Lottery, all of which can be played with 5 different characters.

If you don’t want to play the story or challenges, there’s also 50 mini-games for you to play long after you have completed the other missions, check out the launch trailer and screenshots for the game above and below, and pick up your own copy of the game on PSN today.

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