One of the best manufactures for networking equipment has to be TP-Link, they have some of the best designs and performance quality out of the lot, and all of their products are a lot cheaper than most of the competition, despite this they are still underrated in our opinion.

We have seen this with a number of products that we have reviewed previously including the N600, D7 and now the D9.

One of the things that makes the D9 so great is that it uses an 802.11ac connection, which allows it to outperform a lot of the other routers on the market, whilst offering its own DSL Modem connection built-in.

Because of that last part the D9 is a little pricey, set at £150, which is quite a large amount for router, but still cheap enough to mean that the TP-Link Archer D9 is priced competitively.

Archer D9 review 004

Archer D9 review 001When it comes to design TP-Link often do a good job at styling their products, and the Archer D9 is no different, featuring a sleek, attractive design that uses a glossy white plastic panel at the front along with a silver plastic stand that makes it stand out a little more than your average router, but without standing out so far that it looks strange.

On the top of the router you will also find a total of three detachable antennas, all of which are as tall as the router itself, and can be angled towards the users’ desired direction.

On the back there is also four gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB 3.0 port, a DSL port, WPS button and master buttons for turning on the Wi-Fi and router itself.

And if the USB port on the back wasn’t enough, there’s also a second USB 2.0 port on the right hand side for quick connections.

Archer D9 review 005

On the front of the design TP-Link blends in their status lights with the design really well, with a total of eight status icons that glow a light blue when the Archer D9 is powered on and to show the status of various activities by the router.

And to add to all that greatness, the software to set up the router is really simple to use, in fact its a lot easier to read and understand then most of the routers we have had the pleasure to use before.

Archer D9 review 002

However there are some downsides to the router, the first of which is that there aren’t any LEDs above the Ethernet ports on the back to show the status of each, a feature which a lot of people might like to have, and for the router to work with a cable connection it does need to be set up in the software, something which we think should be done automatically.

But that’s it, everything else in the router is so good that we are most certainly impressed, it’s not the fastest however during our testing we have found that the router works well with basically all tasks, streaming in HD is no problem for it and thanks to that 5GHz signal, we are able to maintain a good connection for extensive periods of time.

We would definitely recommend this router for anyone who is looking for something a little more beefed up than their current model, but wants something that still provides impressive performance at a budget.

TP-Link Archer D9 dual-band router review
Combines ADSL2+ and VDSL modem.Works with cable connections.Excellent performance on 802.11n and 802.11ac frequencies.Easy to understand, simple and clean software.
Software is missing some features.No individual LEDs for Ethernet ports.
4.2A budget router without budget performance.
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