To get the latest news as quickly as possible, I like to use an application that I found on the app store a short time ago called Pulse, which works just how you want it too and helps me keep up with just about anything and everything.

However I just hope they can keep this up, especially since they have just announced that they have been acquired by LinkedIn for $90 million.

It’s likely that this acquisition will be used to better the LinkedIn Today service, which allows users to read news from around the web., but that hasn’t been confirmed yet, however they did say the following:

“Pulse is a perfect complement to this vision, Pulse’s core value proposition is to help foster informed discussions that spark the decisions shaping the world around us through news and information. This shared view that the power of professional information and knowledge can transform lives and the world makes LinkedIn and Pulse a particularly great fit.”

Pulse have also mentioned something, stating that they will be keeping apps available on iOS, Android and the web, and “are excited to work together to create cool and useful new offerings.”

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