Today Linksys unveiled one of their latest flagship routers, the Linksys Max-Stream AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-band router (EA9300).

This new router is particularly interesting because it includes a wide range of impressive features, including the addition of Multi-User – Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) as well as next generation AC Wi-Fi and Tri-band, allowing the router to deliver powerful Wi-Fi to a range of devices at the same time with the same level of speed.

In fact, Linksys say that the 3x3x3 arrangement will provide up to 4 Gbps speeds when combined, with 2 x 1,625 Mbps speeds over 5GHz and up to 750 Mbps over the 2.4GHz band.

To top that off, the router also comes with a Quad-Core 1.8GHz processor along with three offload processor to provide faster speeds as well as technology that Linksys is called “Airtime Fairness”, which allows the router to deliver more airtime to faster devices than slower devices, and it comes with support for Amazon Alexa, allowing you to turn guest access on/off, obtain guest Wi-Fi credentials, and get the main network credentials with your voice.

It will also support the Linksys app for mobile control, with advanced beamforming technology to increase coverage and performance of the bands, SmartConnect Band Steering to balance the two 5GHz Wi-Fi connections and separate devices between the two.

And we still aren’t finished with the specifications on this router, here’s the rest:

• Seamless Roaming± – Technology provides Room-to-Room Wi-Fi with one network name when paired with a Max-Stream Range Extender (RE7000)
• Active Antennas – Six active high performance antennas with 9x High Power Amplifiers help to provide optimal coverage and maximum signal strength
• Gigabit Ports – Five Gigabit Ethernet ports (4 LAN + 1 WAN)
• USB 3.0 Port – Connect shared network storage devices and printers
• Network Security – SPI Firewall and DoS Protection provide the best in class network security
Upcoming features (via automatic firmware update)
• Dual WAN – Dual WAN can aggregate the bandwidths of two WAN connections to achieve a higher Internet bandwidth greater than 1Gbps
• Link Aggregation – Supports up to 2Gbps for file transfer
• Advanced Band Steering – Auto select the most appropriate band between 2.4 and 5Ghz for client devices to achieve the best Wi-Fi performance
• DFS Channels Support – DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) will provide up to four times more channels within the 5GHz band helping to improve the internet speed with less traffic congestion. This feature can help users achieve true lag free 4K content streaming
• OpenVPN Server- VPN feature allows users too remotely and securely access resources shared within their home local area network

You can find out more about the new Linksys EA9300 at the source link below, where you can pick it up today for $299.97 in the US. Unfortunately, we don’t know about UK pricing or availability just yet.

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