Have you got a couple of grand to spare and want to spend it on a new music system? We might just have the right one for you as Linn have just revealed the Kiko Music System.

The Music System will connect to your computer’s network and will allow you to play music and audio stored on your computer wireless through the two-way Kiko system.

Both speakers are powered by a two amp module with 33 watts RMS per channel, and will be able to be controlled remotely by an app downloaded to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

There are also seven ports that can be used to connect to devices including Ethernet, three HDMI ports, analogue, S/PDIF and optical. Alongside that you can also plug a 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm lead in the AUX in.

The music system is also available in six separate colors, white, light blue, silver, black, champagne and dark blue. But you might want to think about it before you go out and buy one as it’s currently retailing for £2,500.

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