Monday is a huge day for gaming not only is it the release of Mass Effect 3 it is also the day when all of the games meet up at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco awaiting new announcements.

Currently, we already know about the the new Medal of Honour: Warfighter will be showcased there, but were not to sure what else.

However this could soon change with a development from Lionhead Studios who have posted a countdown on the main page of their site, you may be wondering a countdown to when? Of course, it is going to stop on the 5th of March.

The clock set to go off on Monday at 5 PM UK time recently took over their entire site, no longer can you browse through their collections as there is none. But what does this mean? Well, yhe tagline they have added might give away some clues: “it’s time for a fresh look and feel of our website. Who know what other surprises are coming…”

Alongside the tagline they have also added a bug red button in the center of the page, somewhat similar to that of their RPG series Fable, alongside this, there is also 4 holes to be seen which could represent the number 4, or just a button.

At the moment, none will know until the countdowns finished but hopefully, that bug red button isn’t just a button. check out the screenshot bellow and let us know what you think.

Fable 4 Lionhead Countdown Announcement

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