You might have heard of LittleBits before, it is a kit that you can grab to create you own smart home products.

Today, LittleBits have expanded their offering to provide a new bundle that has been designed specifically for use by kids. This comes after LittleBits originally launched back in 2014, and brings a new version that’s easier to use and features magnet clips on the components.

Called the Rule Your Room kit, it can be used to create a variety of devices and even combined with your child’s existing toys and other objects around the home.

LittleBits provided some examples such as a safe with a hidden trigger, a moving collage, pop-up puppet and much more. To make these, the kit comes with a range of components including servos, sound triggers, an instruction booklit and even a companion app that can provide you with some ideas of what to create.

LittleBits explained more with the following:

Discover thousands of inventions created by the littleBits community. You can even get personalized recommendations based on the Bits you own!

Earn badges, bragging rights, and prizes by participating in monthly challenge. We’ll give you the theme. You give us your best invention! Winners get Bits, trips, swag and more.

Command your cloudBit-enabled inventions from wherever you bring your phone! Just log in to the app to access your Cloud Control center

The new LittleBits kit can be pre-ordered now for £99.99, but it won’t ship until the middle of August. You can find out more at the source link.

Source: LittleBits

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