[Update] Today, the guys who released the Live Beacon device have re-launched their campaign.

They have reduced their original goal to £10,000, which should be more attainable for them and will hopefully help them to get funding for production.

You can check it out at the new Kickstarter page and you can read more about it via the original story below.

[Original Story] Quite some time ago the notion of iBeacon devices was unveiled, these are devices that can be setup in public places like shops or museums to send visitors promotions or other information to their smartphone.

A new project launched on Kickstarter this week to help you take advantage of that technology, called Live Beacon, it is a tiny device that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, whilst providing broadcast capabilities up to 100ft from the location where you place it.

It can be stuck onto any surface, and once it has been setup, it can be used to send notifications to Android or iOS devices that will show them information or links that can do anything from letting the visitor know about your app, to sending them a link to a video.

You can take a quick look at it via the video below. More information can also be found at the source link, where you can also back the project.

Source: Kickstarter

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