Despite a few problems with the Livescribe 2, the smartpen still lives on, now at its third iteration, the Livescribe 3 smartpen is said to have come a long since its predecessor with the aim of bringing the gap between the pen & paper and the devices around the world.

Designed to be a high-end pen, for the first time Livescribe have called up a pen designer in order to get the looks of the Livescribe 3 just right, making sure it remains classy whilst being easy and comfortable to use. On one end of the pen is the usual pen tip, which when used alongside Livescribe’s special books can digitize any text you write or draw with it with it.

This data can then be synced, viewed and shared using Livescribe’s own app, which can be used to search and sort documents page by page, and even add numbers to your phone book with a single tap, or write down and address and tap it when in the application to view it from Maps. Snippets or pages can also be shared via PDFs and used amongst other apps.

And that’s not the only new stuff, Livescribe have also got rid of some of the clunky technology on the pen too, using a connect from your iOS device (and soon your Android device), the Livescribe 3 can connect using Bluetooth and send data to a connected device in a matter of seconds, allowing for a 14 hour battery, and a much smaller form factor.

In the US the Livescribe 3 will cost $149.99 for the normal black and chrome version with 50-sheet notebook or $199.95 for the Pro Edition, which includes a leather 100-sheet handbound journal and a year’s subscription to Evernote Premium, both will also come with a charging cable and an extra cartridge.

There’s no word on UK pricing or availability yet.

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