A Swedish company called Anoto has this week announced that they have acquired the digital pen manufacture, Livescribe in a deal worth $15 million.

Livescribe has been around for some time now, they create smartpen’s that allow the user to hand write and draw notes and store them within applications, making their ideas, sketches and notes digital and physical at the same time.

It does this by using special paper that the pen can recognise.

Livescribe was first founded in 2007, raising what Tech Crunch says is “around $68 million” from Qualcomm, Crosslink Capital and Scale Venture Partners, which means that the deal is a poor return for the companies investors.

It will be going ahead however, with Anoto raising case via 158 issued shares in the company, for a dilution of a maximum 15% and a short-term loan of $2.9 million.

You can find out more via Tech Crunch’s report below.

Via: Tech Crunch

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