You have probably seen Livescribe’s Pulse and Echo smartpen’s before, they alllow you take notes and store them in an electronic form within the pens storage, well Livescribe have taken it a bit further by bringing the smartpen to the cloud.

Livescribe’s new Sky WiFi Smartpen now allows you to take notes similarly to the Echo and Pulse, but now automatically uploads them to the Evernote service, however notes are still stored on the onboard storage and then transferred to your PC via the USB cable included.

The set-up process is extremely easy, you simply turn the pen on and then head over to the displayed website follow the instructions, connecting the pen to your WiFi connection, linking it to your Livescribe and Evernote accounts and then your away.

Much like the previous pens, the Sky Wifi Smartpen also has a record that allows you to record audio whilst you’re scribbling your notes, to do so you simply tap the record icon on the notebook you write notes on and the pen will record every word, you can then tap each word and the pen will play the recorded audio at the point of which you wrote said word.

Alongside the record icon, there’s also pause and stop buttons as well as icons to control the playback speed and volume.

The Sky WiFi Smartpen is available with 2GBs of in-built storage for £159.99, as we have only had the new smartpen for about a week now as such I didn’t see fit to post a full review but I will defiantly post one once I have had the chance to use it for a bit longer.

However as an overall view up to now, I really do live the new pen the  addition of wireless certainly adds a new aspect to the smartpen itself allowing for easy uploads wherever you are, however I am still not a huge fan of the pens design and there is a lot of stuff currently missing from the pens software such as applications.

We were sent the new Sky Wifi Smartpen from Livescribe to review but all views and opinions are completely my own.

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