Today Loewe announced the launch of their latest OLED TV, the new blid 7.77.

This new TV features a massive 77-inch display, as the name suggests along with a 4K resolution and 5.1 audio with a powerful 120W integrated soundbar in a design that has been formed by Loewe to provide a luxury and elegant design.

It also features an ultra-slim OLED panel that measures just 9mm thick.

Loewe explained more about it with the following:

The minimalist design of the bild 7.77 oozes luxury but is elegant and understated. For television and design aficionados alike, the bild 7.77 offers striking product design with the very latest OLED technology at a surprisingly competitive price.

The bild 7.77’s state-of-the-art, ultra-slim OLED panel (its screen measures just 9mm thick) offers the highest specification currently available. Class-leading audio comes as standard, too. A powerful 120W integrated soundbar effortlessly appears when the TV is powered on and hides discreetly out of sight when switched off. Bild 7 is also perfectly set up for a wide range of audio configurations. With its built-in 5.1 audio decoder, it’s easy to connect additional audio systems, such as Loewe’s wireless klang 5 speakers, to create simple, intuitive and clutter-free home entertainment solutions.

You can also read more about the new OLED TV at the source link below, sadly it does cost a lot at £12,990.

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