Via their blog, Logitech announced earlier today that they had acquired TT Design Labs, a company launched via Kickstarter, they are responsible for the creation of a little product that you might have heard of, the Tidytilt.

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First launched by a couple of classmates, Derek Tarnow and Zahra Tahakorina, Derek will now be joining the Logitech team as a product designer, however there’s no news on what Zahra will be doing in this acquisition.

“When Logitech approached us, we were skeptical at first — our business plan didn’t include acquisition. But after speaking extensively with the Logitech team, it became clear that we share a vision for where the industry is headed and a passion for building great products. We realized that joining Logitech was an ideal situation” Derek said in his blog post, “we get to engage the expert engineering, supply chain, distribution, and marketing minds at the company, while we get to focus more of our time on what we love most – designing great products with the user in mind.”

To kick off their newly found relationship, Logitech have already made the newly named Logitech TidyTilt and Logitech JustMount available to pre-order on their site.

Source: Logitech Blog

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