Today Logitech announced the launch of a new wireless Bluetooth speaker called the UE Wonderboom.

The Wonderboom looks similar in design to their previous Bluetooth speaker like the UE Boom, featuring a range of bright colour options and a waterproof body, however, it does have a few of its own unique features, including 360-degree sound and a battery that is said to last for up to 10 hours.

Logitech wants it to be a speaker that you can take with you anywhere, without worrying about it, and so that waterproof design is also important.

It also comes with huge volume up and down buttons, along with a hook on the back.

Logitech explained more about it with the following:

Turn up your morning routine with the surprisingly big sounds of WONDERBOOM™. Don’t be fooled by its size, this little beauty is a beast.

Hook it to your bag and stream music anytime, anywhere throughout your day, whether you’re partying by the pool, hanging out with friends or surviving that muddy, dusty summer festival. If it gets soaked, no worries. If it gets dirty, rinse it off.

You can also find out more about it at the source link below.

Source: UE

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