Logitech has today unveiled a new washable keyboard named the K310, which is a full size QWERTY keyboard for the PC, that can be washed safely protecting against any spills.

“Because life and its messes will happen, regardless of how careful you are, Logitech designed the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 to look and function like new, even over time.” says Sophie Le Guen, senior director of mice and keyboards at Logitech.

However the USB connection is not fully washable and can only by submerged in up to 11 inches of water without any damage, the drainage holes on the keyboard prevent the keyboard from collecting bubbles, and key characters have been laser printed with a UV coating, allowing them to be scrubbed without any harm.

The keyboard includes a full QWERTY keyboard with the full range of F-keys amongst other keys for volume, playback controls and application and a full-size numberpad.

The K310 will be available from October for £34.99.

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