Logitech have just unveiled some new accessories designed for the Mac user, making sure no Apple fanboys are left out of the equation. The two new accessories include the new Easy-Switch keyboard and the Rechargeable TrackPad which are basically the same as the Windows versions just for the Mac.

The keyboard which is pretty much the illuminated k810 keyboard can be connected to your Mac via any Bluetooth connection, in fact you can connect it up to more or less any device, three devices maximum which can be switched between at the press of a button. Of course the keyboard is also backlit and has sensors that can turn the lights on when your hands are above the keyboard and off when you don’t need backliting.

As for the Trackpad, it also connects up to your computer via Bluetooth and will allow users to use the same multi-touch gestures your used to with the old Trackpad, however Logitech’s version does have one thing up its sleeve, it will recharge via USB.

Both of the two products will be available in Europe and the US from January.

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