You may have already heard of Logitech’s famous Harmony remote control, which has been available in stores for quite some time now, refereed to the one remote that can control them all.

Well that one remote has been updated with a new touchscreen interface that allows you to use a number of gestures to control your gadgets, such as tap, swipe or even scroll.

The Harmony Touch does have a one main feature that has been it’s selling point through the generations of devices, and that is it’s compatible with up to 225,000 different devices from over 5,000 brands, from which users can pair up to 15.

Users can also preset up to 50 of their favorite channels for quick selection on the display, and when their done with the controller, they can simply dock the remote into it’s included docking station for night-time charging.

The Logitech Harmony Touch is available from today for £149, check out the video and source link below for more information.

[jwplayer mediaid=”17105″]

Source: Logitech

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