With Google’s Project Ara coming soon, a lot of hype has been created for modular products, one such new product comes from Logitech and hopes to bring the modular idea to the iPhone, revealing a new product called the case+ that allows users to change backs using magnetic mounts.

The case will fit both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S, and allows the user to upgrade the back of the case with extras like power, car mounts, a kickstand or wallet modules.

The Logitech case+ will also come as a bundle with all of these four attachments included, as well as in a basic unit that is simply the case with a magnetic plate that will also double as extra protection.

In the bundle you will find a 2,300mAh battery called the +energy, a magnetic mounting system called the +tilt, a car mount called the +drive, and a card/ cash/ key holder called the +wallet.

The +wallet also uses “Magnashield” technology which means the magnetic strips on the cards won’t be affected, or the phone itself.

Logitech has made the case+ available for pre-order from today, available at $200 it will ship later this month in the US.

Source: Logitech

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