Today Logitech unveiled their latest security camera for users to choose from. Called the Circle 2 it is a new security camera that has been designed to be a new versatile and flexible connected security camera than the previous Logi Circle.

Logitech said that they designed this new version of the camera from the feedback that they have heard from users of the original camera, delivering the requirements of their customers.

In particular, it has been designed to be way more flexible than the previous camera with both wired and wireless camera options available.

This means that you can put the Circle 2 right were you need it, indoors and outdoors, thanks to its weatherproof and waterproof design that is said to allow it to withstand a range of temperatures down to as low as minus 20-degrees Celsius and up to as much as 50-degrees.

Logitech has also designed a number of accessories that will allow you to expand the range of installation options for around your home, with wall mounts, plug socket mounts, a weatherproof outdoor cabling run, a window mount, and even a rechargeable battery housing, which will be used in the wireless version of the camera.

That wireless version also features some special sensors that have been designed to provide a battery life of up to three months.

The camera will only record when it detects movement, turning off until it detects movement again.

Both come with various new upgrades with an improved speaker that provides a better two-way communication experience, as well as a wide-angle lens for an 180-degree field of view. It will also work alongside IoT devices such as the Logitech Pop, Apple HomeKit system, and the Amazon Echo.

To top that off, the current app will also work alongside this new Circle 2 camera, but with a few improvements, including auto-enhancement and an 8x digital zoom, all with 24-hour playback of recorded footage for free. You can expand that with a Circle Safe subscription that offers 14-days or 31-days of video storage depending on what you want.

The Circle 2 will be available for £169 for the wired version and £199 for wireless. Accessories start from £25.99, going up to £51.99.

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