If you thought Lomography’s other cameras where small you haven’t seen nothing yet, as the just announced Diana Baby 110 is the latest and smallest camera to be added to the tiny family.

The Diana Baby 110 has been developed much like the Diana F+ and Diana MIni, shooting on 110 film the camera takes photos in a square and retro style, with the modern point and shoot approach.

The great thing about the Diana Baby 110 is that it includes two interchangeable lenses, one is a 24mm standard lens and the second optional lens is a 12mm wide-angle lens. Also included in the 110 is a PC-flash socket which allows you to attach a flash to the camera for better nighttime and low-light shots, you will however have to purchase this piece of kit separately.

But that’s fine as the 110 is so damn cheap, available for £39 for the basic model, or £49 with the optional 12mm wide-angle lens, both of which are available from Lomography’s online store.

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