There has been a lot of products banned from this years London 2012 Olympic Games, and that apparently that’s not just for the spectators and includes the athletes as well, who have been banned from wearing any other headphones than the ones made by the official London 2012 Olympics partner, Panasonic.

This is bad news for Beats by Dr.Dre whose British themed headphones which have been worn by Team GB  during the events have now been banned from any Olympic coverage,.

The British Olympic Association spokesperson, Darryl Siebel said that officials have reminded team leaders “the importance of protecting our corporate partners,” as well as pointing out the rules in place to prevent competitors from promoting commercial products and brands during the games.

The rule which was pointed out refers to rule 40, which has been set in place to allow organisers to disqualify any competitors who promote their own sponsors, either in the field of play or online (which is a hint at Twitter postings).

What do you think about this? Should Olympians be able to wear the brands they want?

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