In order to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games, Google has been changing their Doodle image on its search home page to highlight a different sport everyday.

The sporty doodles started on July 27th, which as you may know was the opening ceremony, after which they have been changed to the various sports played including diving, fencing and a lot more.

Check all of the Olympic Google Doodles below, which we will update as a new one is published.

July 28th, Archery:


July 29th, Diving:

July 30th, Fencing:

July 31st, Rings:

August 1st, Field Hockey:

August 2nd, Table Tennis:

August 3rd, Shot Put:

August 4th, Pole Vault:

August 5th, Synchronised Swimming:

August 6th, Javelin:

August 7th, Hurdles:

Today Google has actually choose to throw us off their tail a little bit by releasing a mini game instead of picture, we have still print-screened the game for you to see what it’s all about, but if you want to you can play the Hurdles game here.

August 8th, Basketball:

Today we have another interactive game, which makes it two days in a row this time however it’s one for Basketball where you have to repeatedly press the space button on your keyboard to try and get the basketball’s in the net.

August 9th, Interactive Canoe Game

For the third day in a row, Google has release another interactive doodle and one that I really cannot play. This time it’s an interactive canoe game, check it out at the usual place.

August 10th, Football:

No I will not name this doodle “Soocer”, it’s Football.

August 11th, Gymnastics:

Looks Like were back to the normal non-interactive doodles for the time-being

August 12th- Closing Ceremony:

That’s the Olympics and Google Doodle’s finished, let us know what you thought of them all in the comments below.

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