London phone boxes quickly become a popular tourist attraction when they where first used, however since the 21st century happened these boxes quickly become irrelevant and disused across a lot of cities including London.

Thankfully there is still a plan to bring new live to these boxes, with the fitting of new solar powered charging stations and a new green paint job for selected phone boxes across London.

Co-creator of the project Harold Cranston said the following about the new boxes: “There are 8,000 of these lying unused in London and we must be able to find a use for them.”

The first six of these boxes will be located on Tottenham Court Road and have been renamed to Solarboxes, allowing passers by to quickly charge their smartphone used a selection of connectors.

This power comes from an 86cm roof-mounted solar panel, which can reportedly charge up to 100 phones a day, and even boost a phone by roughly 20 per cent in 10 minutes.

All of this is at no cost to the user, but whilst they wait their will be a number of adverts that will be displayed to the person as the device charges, which is how London managed to pay for the new boxes.

Despite this, 30 per cent of the advertising space will be reserved for community projects.

Five more or these boxes should be installed and ready to use by April 2015.

Via: BBC

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