If you have ever been to London you will know that navigating its streets can sometimes be a challenge, battling a mix of tourists and business people rushing to get across crossing can sometimes make you late to the place you want to get to.

To get around this, London’s mayor, Boris Johnson has today revealed details on something the UK are called a new smart crossing system, that will allow London to reduce congestion in the city streets, to do this London will install a set of cameras on crossings that will allow system to detect when groups of pedestrians are pilling up at intersections, changing the signals to allow groups to cross streets in enough time and remain safe.

The city also says that the system will eventually be upgraded to even notice when only a couple of people are crossing and change the signals more quickly, thus reducing traffic on the road.

The system will not be implemented straight away however, and London will have to wait at least a year to notice of there are any change in the number of pedestrian accidents before they roll out the system fully.

A smart idea in my mind however.

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