According to the Financial Times, Transport for London may soon allow users to use their NFC-enabled smartphone to pay for their tube fair on the London Underground, alongside the current contactless and Oyster payment methods.

This comes after Transport for London’s recent upgrades to the tube barriers that allows them to read NFC chips that are found in smartphones and contactless payment cards, however as of yet the method of actually using this technology has yet to be approved.

The Financial Times are claiming that TFL are however working on the approval with both EE and Vodafone, and once approved the system will start as a trail, initially based on a pay as you go method, with payments going through the users mobile wallets, where they can pre-load cash on the application to use later at the barrier.

FT says that users will eventually be able to buy weekly or monthly travel cards, as according to a “person familiar with the plans”.

As of yet there’s official confirmation of the integration, however Shashi Verma, TfL’s director of customer experience did explain that “the upgrade we have made to our readers to accept contactless payment cards also makes them capable of accepting suitable payment applications on mobile phones,” said Shashi Verma, TfL’s director of customer experience.

“We are doing some testing to see how the devices perform on the system and welcome any new payment technologies that meet the relevant industry standards and enable sufficiently fast transactions speeds.”

Source: Financial Times

Image Via: Flickr (Chris Brown)

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