It isn’t long until London hosts one of the biggest events on this years calendar, the Olympic games. For it London has widespread Wi-Fi and contactless payments across, allowing anyone with an NFC phone or enabled bankcard to buy their coffee with a swipe, but it seems the London Underground doesn’t want this same sort of support.

And after testing mobile phone schemes on and off over the past four years, after which they have decided that NFC support is just not speedy enough, speaking to GigaOM, TFL’s customer experience director Shashi Verma said that the company “found that the [NFC] technology was not fast enough to complete the transaction in under 500 milliseconds,” in order to keep things going on the underground.

For  which the current Oyster card will register your account and grant you access in 300-350 milliseconds, but they haven’t given up just yet as she added, “We are keen to see any progress the industry can make in this area.”

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