This week the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced London’s plans to bring full 4G network coverage to the London Underground, allowing users to use their phones to their full calling, browsing, texting and snap chatting potential while travelling beneath the city.

The plan was delivered to all of London’s 33 local authorities today and is a pledge to bring “mobile connectivity on the London Underground, both in stations and tunnels by 2019, future-proofed ready for 5G.”

But before that happens, they are going to need to do complete some work.


To start off, the new Elizabeth Line, which will run from 2018 will launch with this new full mobile coverage and it is expected that other stations will be renovated during the couple of years to bring them to this new standard.

That said, a lot of the London Underground stations do already have Wi-Fi connectivity via Virgin Media, however, this only exists in the stations, meaning that you lose signal while in the tunnel.

Having a full coverage network would be much better and should definitely help Londoners to communicate with one another even when in the depths of the city.

Of course, we will update you as we hear more.

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