The Boris Bikes in London have quickly become one of the most popular methods of getting around the capital, despite the fact they aren’t exactly simple to get, and require effort from yourself.

Today one of those problems is being fixed however, allowing users to quickly plan their ride, find docking stations for the bike, work out their journey time and the price of the journey.

The app was launched by Santander and Transport for London today, available for both iOS and Android it allows for a ton of new features, and not just the ones I have previously mentioned, it will also let you check how many bikes are available and even pay for your next ride.

To this you simply select a 24-hour or annual pass in the app and it will then send you a release code, this can then be used to unlock one of the bikes.

Once you have grabbed your bike the app will then track how long you have had the bike, allowing you to try to avoid those charges that are implemented for rides longer than 30 minutes.


You can find out more at the source links below.

Source: Santander Cycles (iTunes App Store), (Google Play Store)

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