London’s buses have received some pretty major updates recently, with a major design change, electric engines and a bunch of tech additions.

However for Transport for London that isn’t enough, announcing today that they will be adding new technology to buses in London, allowing passengers to see what seats are available on the top-deck of the bus before heading upstairs.

This comes after TFL tested the technology on two buses last August, today announcing that they will be rolling the technology to an entire line of buses, starting with the 59, which travels between Kings Cross St Pancras and Streatham Hill.

The technology works by using the CCTV cameras that have already been installed on the bus along with a new system that was developed by a company called Timespace, who uses the cameras to recognise if a seat is in use.

This information is then displayed on the bottom deck, showing the total amount of free space.

TFL hopes that this will help to make use of the space within the entire bus as at the moment a lot of people don’t like to gamble going upstairs.  They choose Route 59 in particular for these reasons.

It will be interesting to see the technology in action soon.

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