London is a pretty tech-savvy place and it’s about to get even more so after the London Metropolitan Police announced that they are about to become the biggest police force with the most officers wearing cameras, in the world.

The new was revealed by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who announced that London’s police will be given around 20,000 cameras to be worn by their officers.

This comes after the cameras were in a testing phase since last year, and comes as part of a plan to distribute more cameras to the force over the next decade, this has however been moved to the end of March 2016.

Since they began testing the cameras have generated about 6,000 video clips a month, recording a rolling 30-second loop which will get updated and deleted on the fly.

Officers can stop this from automatically happening by pressing a record button, which if pressed will keep the initial 30-seconds of video, and attached to the next 30-seconds.

City Hall says that this has helped in a number of situations, mostly when the behaviour of the police is under question.

Met Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, said: “[The cameras] will […] improve public scrutiny of how we carry out our role. That is a vital part of being an accountable police officer.  It is also an essential tool in gathering evidence of offences.”

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