If you have been in London before then you may have noticed the red phone boxes that dot the streets, these boxes are old and don’t much aside from letting you pay to make a call.

But there is a plan to update these.

Today it was revealed that a set of new phone calls will be introduced on the streets of central London, these new boxes will provide free UK landline and mobile calls, ultrafast WiFi access with speeds of up to 1Gbps, and phone charging points.

They will also feature a touch-screen tablet on the front of them, which will provide access to maps, directions, and local services, with sensors that capture real-time data about the local environment such as pollution levels and air temperature.

BT has said that “at least 750” of these boxes will appear across the capital over the next year, and then soon after they will make their way in other cities.

This will all be funded through advertising that will be shown on these kiosks.

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