We love our Kickstarter projects here on TechNutty, and can’t help but keep on featuring them, especially when we receive one as good as what hit our inbox earlier today. Called Looksi Pups, our latest Kickstarter feature is an idea to create “the world’s first interactive pet”.

Elliott Myers is the brains of the operation, with the idea to create a voice-activated virtual puppy, that can do everything a real dog can, but in virtual 3D.

Managed through a free application for the iPhone or iPod Touch, Looksi Pops works with its own kennel, that features a set of mirrors, these mirrors allow your iPhone to project the dog in full 3D inside of the kennel.

Simply pop the iPhone in the included case and load the iPhone into the kennel facing down, automatically positioning your screen inside your kennel, loading the app will then allow you to project your dog into the environment.

This application will allow the user to choose various breeds of dog, with 15 voice commands to make the dog fetch, dance and even play dead.

There’s also various games that will allow you to unlock new outfits, toys and tricks.

To find out more about Looksi Pups and even pledge your donation to get this project kickstarted, check out their Kickstarter project page.

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