The simple fact of life is, bills don’t get any cheaper. We all have that same problem at the end of the month, the electric bill pops through the letterbox and you sit there hoping that leaving your light on that night didn’t add up to all that much, with no way of tracking your spending, it’s like walking through a minefield at night.

That’s where the Loop energy saving kit comes in to save the day, allowing you to track your energy usage to the penny in real-time. Data which is accessible through the internet, so no matter where in the world you are, with loop you always have an idea of the energy your currently consuming.

After a simple installation, which took me about 5 minutes I was ready to go, all I had to do to get there was simply clip a transmitter on my meter and plug in the receiver to my router following the instructions given to me via the web tutorial, which was extremely helpful and easy to understand, something that doesn’t happen to often with this kind of product.

After this installation you can start to work out how you could be saving money on your energy by checking your readings as you turn on or off equipment, something that is actually quite useful when trying to find out where yoru money is going to every month.

You can then simply regulate the offenders and save yourself quite a bit of money off your energy bill.

loop kit1

For the system to work best however, you do need it to be plugged in for at least a week, this allows the loop to show you data about your energy consumption over time, allowing you to better understand where you are using electricity the most, alongside which after a short period of time, loop will even offer up price comparisons, letting you know if you could find a better deal from other suppliers.

Loop will then send you notifications on how well you are doing, you can set budget and saving targets, letting you know when you have met them or failed at them.

And the best part, it’s pretty darn cheap considering how much work has clearly gone into the making of this product, with kits starting at around £30, you really can’t go wrong (EDIT: There is a £4.99 yearly charge after your first free annual subscription has ended), and if you use this system cleverly, it will defiantly start paying for itself within the first week of you using it.

You can find out more information about the loop kit on their website, and even pick one up for Amazon.

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