Looxcie Inc. have made a lot of hands free video cam, but today they’re updating that with the newly launched Looxcie HD video cam, with full 1080p video recording, as well built-in Wi-Fi technology for live streaming with friends or family, which makes it the first wearable camera with live streaming via Facebook.

Users can also create their own personal broadcasting network, to start a public broadcast for anyone and everyone, or a private stream just for those invited, which can then be saved in the cloud and shared via Facebook through the Looxcie app for Facebook.

But you don’t always have to stream, and can capture instant replay clips of something that just happened, with the Instant Clip button, which can be instantly viewed, edited and shared view the companion application.

The Looxcie HD can also be connected wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet running iOS 5.0 or higher, or Android 2.3.3 or higher, and can be shared from virtually anywhere.

There’s also a new water-resistant design, low-light camera sensor, as well as a removable and rechargeable battery, allowing you to record and stream in almost any condition, from snow to rain, the Looxcie HD can be purchased in various configurations, including the Looxcie HD Explore, which can be mounted on ball caps, helmets or bikes from the box.

All of the configurations are available now for pre-order from Looxcie.com or Amazon.com, for around $279.99 or $349.99 depending upon your chosen configuration.

Source: Looxcie

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