Today the designer Love Hultén unveiled a brand new HiFi system that has been created and designed to provide you with a unique and huge sound that is completely customisable.

This new system has been called the Astovox, however, you might not see one or even get one for yourself because production has been limited to 100 numbers.

Each will show that limited availability with an individual number. Here are the specifications:

Drivers: Pioneer TS-D1702R 6.75
Sensitivity: 88 dB
Max. Music Power(Nominal): 280 W (60 W)
Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 32 kHz
Impedance: 4 Ohm

Chip: TPA3116
Output: 2x50W
Input: Bluetooth 4.0(APT) and 3.5mm AUX

Speaker – 34x20x20cm (20x20x20cm without stand)
Amplifier – 10x20x20cm

Love Hultén explained more about them with the following statement:

Astovox combines pure form with great performance. The cubic casings are handmade from African Mahogany while the front panels comes in a classic brushed aluminium finish. If desired, the wooden stands can be removed – offering the user optional arrangements. This modular design allows the system to blend into any space. The Astovox system is crafted by Love Hultén himself and comes in a very limited edition with only 100 units being made – each set signed and numbered.

The ported speakers houses two Pioneer TS-D1702R 6.75? drivers with built-in 2-way crossover. Thanks to its top of the line Aramid/Basalt composite construction these drivers are able to maintain clarity over a wide audio range. Highs and lows sound equally good. The gold plated wire terminals on the back secures most high quality speaker wires.

Hit up the source link below to find out more about the modular HiFi system, where you can also pre-order one, here’s the pricing:

  • Full set incl speakers, amplifier and cables (with stands) – €2300
  • Full set incl speakers, amplifier and cables (without stands) – €2150
  • 2x speakers (with stands) – 1550
  • 2x speakers (without stands)  – 1400
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