If you are a subscriber to either Lovefilm Instant or to Amazon Prime, you might want to take note of this article, as Amazon are making a few changes to their UK services that will affect both of the aforementioned ones.

Starting from February 26th, Lovefilm Instant will become a part of the Amazon Prime service and will be rebranded as Prime Instant Video, offering a similar service in the UK as to what people who subscribe to Amazon Prime in the US already get.

Because of this addition, Amazon will also be making some changes to the price tag of Amazon Prime, increasing the cost of a year subscription for £49 to £79 after the service is implemented, however if you are an existing subscriber, or have subscribed before February 26th you won’t have to pay that extra charge until your yearly subscription ends.

Amazon have also stated that customers will be able to stay on their existing monthly subscribers for the Lovefilm Instant service if they don’t fancy subscribing to Prime, but if they do they won’t get any of the extra Prime features.

Amazon have also stated that they are also in the process of rebranding its mobile, console and Smart TV apps for the name change, but will be keeping the usual white, red and black branding, as well as Lovefilm’s DVD rental business.

Source: Amazon

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