Amazon’s instant streaming service, Lovefilm is simply great and is defiantly one of the best services available in the UK, but before today, there was no HD streaming feature which made it hard for them to compete with other services who did such as Netflix.

But thankfully Amazon have now rolled out the ability to stream any 1080p movie in full HD, the service will, of course, be available on the PC and Mac as well as the Xbox 360, and LG or Samsung Smart TVs. But if you live in Germany you will have to stick to streaming on your PC or Mac, as there is no support for Smart TVs or consoles just yet.

Alongside that you will have to have a 4Mbps connection in order to stream in 720p, which is also the highest you can stream on the Xbox 360 and Smart TV, but if you’re on a Mac or PC you can stream at 1080p but you will need a 12Mbps connection.

What do you think about this? Does this make Lovefilm’s service better? Or do you still prefer Netflix?

Well if you still cannot decide, why not head on over to NetflixvsLovefilm to see how the two compare and find out for yourself which one deserves your monthly subscription fee.

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