If you live here in the UK, you may be extremely familiar with Amazon’s streaming service called Lovefilm, which currently allows you to stream and rent various media, but now Lovefilm have stepped up their game a little further, signing a new deal with the BBC and ITV to allow them to stream TV Shows as well.

The service will allow subscribers to stream a wide range of popular titles held by the two organisations including Doctor Who, Spooks (which is due to be cancelled), Merlin, Top Gear the list really is endless.

This deal will defiantly put the service back on map, and is just another reason I won’t be switching if Netflix ever manages to get here, alongside this deal with the BBC and ITV, Lovefilm managed to make an additional deal with Sony Pictures, a few weeks ago as well as partnering with Warner Bros a month before that.

This will defiantly make the service more prominent in the near future, and might go as far to keep Netflix away, all of the new services will be available through Lovefilm’s vast connectable devices including the PC, PS3, iPad, Smart TVs, Blu-ray players and more recently the Xbox 360.

What do you think? Does this make the service for attractive to you? Would you switch to NetFlix?

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