This week marks the start of the 2017 Star Wars Celebration, which is an annual event that Lucasfilm hosts in order to celebrate what has happened in Star Wars.

This year they celebrated the past with their 40 Years of Star Wars panel, which was host to a few conversations from the cast of Star Wars about the past and the future of the franchise.

To close out that panel, Lucasfilm showed a video to pay tribute from one of Star Wars’ main cast members, Carrie Fisher.

In case you don’t know, Carrie Fisher is the person who played Leia Organa during the entirety of the franchise, from old to new and has been an integral part in its success.

Sadly, Fisher passed away last December.

To celebrate her work, the following video was shown during the panel along with the Princess Leia theme from the original composer, John Williams.

Check it out below.

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