Today LuMee unveiled the successor to their original illuminated smartphone case with the unveiling of the LuMee Two.

The second-generation of the case still use a lot of features from their patented original LuMee selfie case but it also comes with an enhanced design and improved technology that makes the light on the front 93% brighter than the original LuMee.

It is also slimmer than the original, with a repositioned on/off switch, as well as an updated camera hole to make it compatible with the iPhone 7, whilst keeping compatible with the iPhone 6 models.

There are also new rubberized edges with cushioned corners for better protection.

Robert G. Pedersen II, LuMee’s Chairman and CEO said the following about the launch:

“After a year of design and development, it’s exciting to be able to launch our new, brighter LuMee case on the same day as the supermoon, when the moon is approximately 1.3 times brighter than average, which we won’t see again until 2034.”

“The LuMee Two is sleek and stylish (just like our customers) and with professional quality lighting, their selfies and other pictures will be flawless. With a thinner yet tougher outer shell and soft edges, we are confident that our customers will love this case even more than the original and it will be on everyone’s holiday wish list.”

The LuMee Two will be available for $59.95 in the USA and Canada, there’s no word yet on other regions.

Source: PRNewswire

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